course begins SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2019

This is where we lay the groundwork for turning inward during one of the "3 Golden Opportunities"; Perimenopause. The hope is to attune to our body’s needs and to nourish our spirit. At our 5th cycle (5x7), starting at around age 35, a biological decline of our hormones begins. With a willingness to inhabit new ideas and behaviors, we can learn to adapt to these changes with a blend of ancient and modern wisdoms so that we may age with grace. 

I created this course to serve as a gathering; a safe portal to gently guide us in conversation. Perimenopause is a highly misunderstood life cycle that's actually full of treasures. As we move from our earthy reproductive years onto the path of eldership, we harness metal energy that is accorded to this phase. Metal asks many things of us. It seeks clarity. So, we must embark on the journey within ourselves where the treasures reside. The journey is a rite of passage, full of stormy weather. Cycles and rhythms come to our aid. 

We currently live in a youth obsessed society that devalues the old. The sage and wise person is missing from our culture. The more positive outlook on aging that Chinese Medicine holds, is that midlife is our Second Spring; our Rebirth. Through the doors of death of the old self, a new door opens up to opportunities of self-discovery and renewal. 

Aging is an art form, meant to be danced and embraced, not resisted. We all experience it but we do tend to progress through it differently, don't we? My hope is to equip you with the the backstory to provide a frame of reference; a foundation. From there, we turn to the wisdom of leaning on cycles to embrace the coming years by harnessing the magic of each phase. 

Who is this course for?

Everyone is welcome and everyone can benefit from this wisdom. 

Imagine a time when communities held ceremonies and shared stories. Where our elders led the way into these rites of passages with spiritual guidance and practical wisdom to navigate these waters. The stories shared here help us to see our collective journey through a different lens. 

Even in western medicine, they recognize that around age 35, there is a natural decline in ovarian function. But, the narrative in the West is to cover it up, fix it, shame it or cut it out all together. We're not taught to tune into the subtle signs that are speaking to us; our bodies innate way of drawing our attention that something is changing. If we come in with the back story and understand what's happening, we can approach this natural life cycle as an empowering experience of rejuvenation. With natural, time-honored practices, we can sync into metal's qualities and adapt to the momentum of our growth. 

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 what will we learn together?

In this course, we'll take a brief journey into understanding the 7 year life cycles and transitions. From this foundation, we'll slowly build upon our unique experience with our dynamic hormonal dance. I'll be drawing from both western and eastern perspectives to understand our bodies more conceptually. And, within the lens of Chinese Medicine I'll weave in concepts from the realms of Yin & Yang Theory and The 5 Phases. 

We'll uncover what some early signs might look like and take a global approach to ease into this transition with practical strategies and sync into the rhythm rather than working against it. 

I will occasionally ask you to dive into self inquiry where you'll examine your life, it's parts, the part you play and possibly making some sustainable changes. 

The length of the course will help us to create space and time to slowly integrate the practices presented and to ask questions in our safe and sacred community. 

course format

  • 4 Weeks starting Tuesday September 10th, 2019

  • Weekly Webinars that will be recorded if you're unable to attend

  • Lessons Released Daily

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