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✬ maidens & menarche ✬


Have you ever thought about how we teach our young about fertility and menstruation? Is there an initial congratulations into womanhood while also telling them they must hide it and be discreet? The undercurrent of shame is so real as we grow into ourselves. Our worth and confidence is shaped by the lessons learned during our younger years. What if we changed the conversation around this rite of passage? What if we really took the time to teach them body literacy so that they can in turn advocate for themselves?

In this offering, we take a journey into self exploration, meaningful connections and nourishing rituals. Some of the themes we cover are Body, Voice, Value, Creativity, Heart and Sisterhood. Depending on the individual, we may assign activities such as Journaling, Mindfulness practices, Movement & Grounding exercises, Guiding Innate Intuition & Creativity, Crafting & Art.

A parent or guardian must book the session. Have a discussion with your daughter if they’d like you to be there or if they’d like to attend the coaching consult solo. We welcome group sessions. Ask us about pricing. A reminder that this is a virtual offering.

***We are fully booked at the moment, but will be opening up our books soon. Please stay tuned.