Embodied ◈ Menstruation


There's a feminine cycle that links all of us. An innate, built-in biological rhythm that ties us to nature; to the moon. In this 1.5 hour coaching consult, we take a deep dive into understanding our biological/physiological/energetic cycles and how it mirrors the world around us. Most of us resist these natural shifts; our ups and our downs. We've adopted the more masculine, linear parts of ourselves. Let's honor and embrace all aspects while learning how to tap into our ebbs and flows to gain vitality and embody our sacred menstruation. We will cover:

▾Body Literacy

▾Our Cyclical Nature

▾Menstrual Power

▾Inner Seasons, Archetypes, 5 Elements

▾Best Practices for Each Menstrual Cycle Phase

We will also have an opportunity to go over your unique story and customize a plan to approach any challenges you may be experiencing. We can help you attune into contributing factors and give practical guidance on how to bring back harmony and sync back into rhythm. We will offer lifestyle modifications as well as herbal and plant ally recommendations.

We are fully booked at the moment, but will be opening up our books soon. Please stay tuned.