Day Becomes Night by Laura Berger

Day Becomes Night by Laura Berger


We are all bound by cyclical rhythms. In these modern times, we’ve lost connection to our nature. Most modern diseases are linked to the way we choose to live; our lifestyle. Yin Way is a path back home to yourself. A path of self discovery. A path in cycles and rhythms.

The path of Longevity. Welcome.

The earth’s seasons as well as our own inner seasons reflect each other. As the world around us cycles, so do we. As your guide, we’ll explore ways to tune in and harness our own capacity to heal and live well; one season at a time.

Our lives cycle in years of 7 or 8. Each cycle with its own story, virtues and challenges. At each turn of the season, changes occur. At this transitional place between seasons, there lives an opportunity to enhance or damage our health. By bridging ancient and modern strategies, we at Yin Way will serve as your guide to gain deep body literacy and learn how to approach your life cycles with vitality and full embodied beauty of each season.

Weather you’ve just gotten your first period, exploring sexuality, are in the middle of your menstruating years, optimizing fertility, in postpartum, practicing energy medicine/medicine making, parenting or birthing into your second spring (menopause), we can help guide your journey with a bit more ease and understanding. We are so glad you’re here. Blessings.