❍ 5th cycle ❍


Females cycle in years of 7. As we approach our 5th cycle (Age 35), it is said that our bodies start a slow decline. East Asian Medicine teaches us that our Qi (energy) & Blood are less abundant and we can start to see the first signs of aging.


This cycle is about reflection and refinement. What is, and what is not working for you? We begin to prune our garden. The cutting back will reveal experiences that crave resolve. This cycle asks us to embrace a more spiritual way of living, expanding beyond our vision of what life is “supposed to be”. You will be shaken to shed layers and expose the core of what really brings you happiness. This process can prove to be quite a difficult transition for some. It can manifest as sleep disturbances, hot flashes, menstrual irregularities, decreased libido, vaginal discomforts, severe mood swings and much more.



This is an optimum time to start incorporating some rejuvenation practices. We can work to slow the decline even more by adjusting our lifestyle to more reservation vs activity; more nourishment vs depletion.

In this 1.5 hour coaching consult, we will help guide you in uncovering the repressive layers to help bring back ease into this cycle with more clarity and purpose with practical approaches to lifestyle modifications, rejuvenation practices and herbal & plant ally recommendations.

We are fully booked at the moment, but will be opening up our books soon. Please stay tuned.