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Books pictured:

The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson of Magamamas

The First Forty Days by Heng Ou of Motherbees

"We believe, if you want to improve society, you improve the conditions for women first.


Sitting Moon also called Sitting Month or zuò yuè zi, is the essential fourth trimester where mothers are carefully looked after following childbirth to ensure full recovery and to prevent birth traumas. In the west, much focus is placed on making sure our babies are well which is also necessary, but more often than not, we have lost the traditional practices that our ancestors turned to in order to heal our mothers during postpartum. 

Here are some wonderful resources to start your journey in creating your postpartum plan:

↠ Build your postpartum team. Look for postpartum doulas in your area that provide a range of bodywork, abdominal wrapping pelvic steaming and meals services. Book out your appointments with your acupuncturist throughout your postpartum period. There are many modalities that can help with your recovery. Ask if they provide home visits. Recruit family and friends for a meal train or to help with basic household chores

↠ Plan a Postpartum Party vs/or in conjunction with a Baby Shower where individuals can sign up for tasks

↠ For nutritional & nourishment support, consider taking the Fourth Trimester Food course by Kimberly Ann Johnson of Magamama and Centehua Sage. I contributed a small bonus portion to this course giving a Chinese and Korean nutritional lens to postpartum care

↠ Get the book Build Your Nest by my friend Kestrel Gates

Best of luck in your journey into postpartum. Blessings.