Photo by @bimberkeck_

Photo by @bimberkeck_

jade gate health

sacred vaginal ecology

4 week guided course

Registration is now open for June 2019 enrollment.

Normally $147, Early Bird pricing of $117 valid until midnight Monday, May 27th. Sign up soon.

I'm happy to announce that I'm running my live guided course again called Jade Gate Health. We go live on Monday, June 10th. We'll be together for 4 weeks going over all the factors that contribute to the health of our sacred vaginal ecology and all the factors that present challenges for us. I'll be offering daily support as we build self care routines and make subtle lifestyle changes to better the health of our Jade Gates!

Many of us are in search of safe, natural and non-invasive therapies to help ease vaginal symptoms. I created this course to help us understand that the challenges such as recurring infections are a systemic issue and we must participate in a holistic approach to vaginal health. The more Western Medicine approach of isolating symptoms obviously don't work for the long-term; especially in treating the root issue. 

Let's really slow down, honor our bodies and spend some time together to truly understand what it takes to have a more robust system where infections don't stand a chance in our vaginas.

Art by @karin.irene.anderson

Art by @karin.irene.anderson

A wealth of information! I’m amazed at how much information Kris has packed into this course! She is truly holistic in her approach and I learned more than I anticipated about not just vaginal ecology but different avenues toward health that I hadn’t considered before. Thank you so much Kris! - Nicole
Art by Mia Ohki

Art by Mia Ohki

Treating symptoms alone can ease challenges for the mean time, but chances are if you have recurring infections, more than likely you have other health issues that you may think are not related to your vaginal issues. They are! This is why the recurrence rate happens so often for so many. We're looking too closely to the details rather than having a bird's eye view. If you truly want to be well and thrive, take the time to understand why these challenges are coming up for you. Examine what other areas of your health and your life are also challenging. It all matters. You matter. 

I don't promise that you'll be completely "cured" by the end of the 4 weeks, even though you will see improvements along the way. But what I do promise is that you'll be fully equipped with the right information and all the tools you need to become symptom free and to take control of your vaginal wellness. 

This course is for anyone seeking harmony and wellness in their vaginal ecology and for anyone who works with women around these challenges. For those of you who work with women, this course will provide your clients with a holistic and global view to their health and will serve as extra tools that you can share with them.

Sign up Soon! We start June 10th! Please share with anyone you think could benefit.

Blessings, Kris