Seasonal sets

Every Spring and Fall, we gather to “set” the tone for the season ahead. Twice a year, we check in with ourselves and each other. With the cyclical coming of the seasons, a natural transition of lifestyle practices and nourishment is called for in order to tend to the ever changing states of our body, mind and spirit.

Before the coming of Spring and Fall, you can join our virtual adventure, for free! You’ll be given a reading of the upcoming season, the energetics to be aware of, helpful practices and a guide on seasonal nourishment. To support each other and the community aura, you can post about your experiences by using the following hashtags.

#ywspringset #ywfallset

Fall Set 2019 is now live! For details, read below.


2019 fall Set

We start to transition inward. It’s okay to limit outside commitments and draw in your energy. Use the hashtag #ywfallset to share how you’re leaning into autumn with more rest and nourishment. Enter HERE to join our free group cleanse. Let’s support each other to live in closer connection to nature and the seasons.

Rhythms & Cycles