Menopause, the pause of our menses is often a feared and greatly misunderstood female life cycle. Here in the west, it’s considered a disorder or a disease, but it’s far from that. It’s a very natural stage that all females go through. You are in menopause when you have ceased to have a menstrual period for at least 1 year. Everything leading up to this is what’s caused peri-menopause which begins anywhere from our 30’s to 50’s. Each one of us has a unique journey to our Sensual Second Spring where we are essentially reborn. Did you know that menopause is a homeostatic mechanism that actually slows down the aging process in women??? Say what? Peri-menopause, the cycles that precede menopause are the years where we age a bit quicker as we shed and shift into rebirth. In order to reserve energy, the body intelligently turns off reproduction and all the fertility is used towards a long life full of vitality. It’s not something to dread, it’s really something to look forward do. This can however happen too quickly for some who are still in the hopes of starting a family during their later fertile years.

We must understand that with a rebirth, there is also death. Death of our old selves, our ways of being in the world; our role and purpose. This transition can prove challenging for some of us as we curiously play with a new identity. Because your body is now focused in the preservation of you and no longer for procreation, this natural energy shift diverts life energy and essence towards creative efforts. Our Second Spring is the optimum time to reignite old passions, try new things and stretch beyond your boundaries. If you seek guidance in maneuvering this sensual cycle, book a coaching consult with us.

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