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East meets West with Dao Labs Formulas. They bring high quality, sustainability and practicality to taking Chinese Herbs. They also taste delicious! The best seller in my clinic is Women’s Monthly Kit (Women’s Formula & Emotional Balance). It brings balance to the first half and second half of the menstrual cycle to harmonize common conditions/patterns such as PMS, period pain and bloating. They have Digestive Harmony when we have food stagnation from overeating or under active digestive functioning. The Sleep Remedies have two distinct formulations that address two ways we may lack good sleep; mental and physical. Give them a try! If you have immune challenges and gets cold often, give Immunity Support a go. It’s great to take on a airplane or any other time your immune system may take a hit. It’s also great for seasonal allergies. Joint Support is their newest formula which is based on a classic formula for joint discomfort especially in the lower part of the body. It’s a unique formulation that has collagen and coconut oil! Great for athletes seeking increased motility and for those seeking strength to support aging joints. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. Click here to purchase.