Yin Way


I grew up going to bathhouses with my mom. We never had much of a bond when I was young, but our ritual visits to soak, scrub, sauna and surrender are memories that I cherish. It's such a common routine. Most people in my mom's town went to the local bathhouse vs. bathing at home. It only costs a few dollars to spend all day there. Self-care isn't a trend, it's a lifestyle. Just like eating with the seasons and cooking with herbs. It's embedded in the culture. I often think about the clashing of cultures and how one seems to dominate. Growing up in the US, the nature of YANG seems to be revered a lot. The go getter, hustler, productivity, action, doing, busy, superman/woman, perpetual joy, running on caffeine, burning the candle at both ends,...the list goes on,...We don't seem to mind borrowing from our own futures until our health starts to decline and we age too quickly.

As my mother and I work to heal our wounds, I'm longing to connect to my ancestry; wisdoms from my lineage. I was drawn to Acupuncture school in my 20's. I have distinct memories of my family's blind acupuncturist in South Korea. Plus, turning to Chinese Medicine was my saving grace when I became severely ill as a teen and continues to heal me today. The medicine runs through my veins. Traditional Korean Medicine and Chinese Medicine influenced eachother greatly with all the same theories and herbal allies. I feel blessed to practice this way.

The focus of my offerings has shifted in the last few years. I'm passionate in sharing the "way" to healing vs. "being" a healer. We are all healers and can heal ourselves. Of course, there are times we need help and guidance, but your body knows how to heal. The antidote to the excessive YANG in our culture is dropping in and leaning on YIN.

The YIN WAY is aligning with nature, the seasons, riding the waves while in vertical alignment. Awareness practices of mindfulness, intuition, energy and boundaries. Cultivation, restoration and rejuvenation. Self Healing practices harnessing your vital life force, breath, qi, prana, touch....The most profound medicine is within.

More often, we seek healing from outside sources and completely forget about looking to oneself, our inner knowing, our higher self, the healing capacity of our own qi. We have been conditioned to not trust ourselves and our bodies. It took years of seeking out to realize I have all the ingredients I need already. Many of us are in this situation. We simply haven't been passed down these wisdoms. I'd love to share what I've learned and practiced over the years. Coming very soon, I'll be offering coaching sessions on the 7 Year Cycles of Women, Embodied Menstruation, Perimenopause Prep, Sitting Moon Postpartum, Intro to Inner Alchemy, Holistic Pediatrics, Sensual Second Spring; Menopause and Energy Medicine for Self Healing. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Blessings, Kris