Emotional Range


The 5 element correlations helps us to understand the positive and negative influence that our emotions have on our health. We all have emotions. Do we own, deny, bury or dwell on them? Or can we identify our mood, say hello, give it voice and then metabolize it? Our culture is slowly starting to see the value in teaching our young about our emotional range rather than denying our nature. Lots of children's books present coping strategies to help oneself understand and regulate intense emotions. There’s a great line of children’s books from Conscious Bedtime Stories. Even adults can benefit from them.

Depending on your constitution, one emotion may come up more often for you. Let's explore.

Fire: Joy, Overjoy, Lack of Joy
Earth: Worry, Overly Empathetic, Empty
Metal: Grief, Despair, Regret
Water: Fear, Lack of Fear, Frozen
Wood: Anger, Rage, Hopelessness

By identifying what emotions may come up more often, we can observe how they affect our health. Fire/Heart, Earth/Digestive Organs, Metal/Lungs, Water/Kidneys and Wood/Liver. I like using the six healing sounds to help process emotions.

What do you do?

xoxo, Kris