Six Healing Sounds


One practice that I introduce to many of my patients is the Six Healing Sounds. It’s a subtle way to feel your own resonance and notice where there may be blockages. It’s also a very gentle introduction into reconnecting the intimate relationship between your authentic voice and your womb space. Your individual vibration, practiced with varying tones and ranges will reach places deep inside that your hands cannot touch. The Six Healing Sounds is energy medicine. They support the healing and processing of emotions. They can also restore a sense of calm, improve digestion, enhance sexual pleasure, detoxify and strengthen our organs. All of the sounds will engage in benefiting our throat, while each one of the organ sounds can play a role into the "holding" in our womb space.

Where Does it Come From?

It’s an ancient Taoist practice from thousands of years ago. It is said that Taoist masters in the midst of meditation would emit sounds that matched the frequencies of organ’s meridians. Healthy organs vibrate with a unique frequency that we can match with our voices in order to tone, activate and optimize it’s functions and energetics.

Before you begin:

♭ Clarify your intentions, set your space, minimize distractions and maintain warmth

♭ Inhale through your nose, Exhale through your mouth; this is a cleansing breath flow

♭ The vibration should be felt internally; sounds are made sub-vocally

♭ Practice 1 hour away from a meal

♭ It’s recommended to do all the organ sounds, but individual sounds can be used to tone an organ in a moment of need

6 Sound Correlations

Heart (Fire)  - Visualize Red Light/Mist. Associated with resentment, hatred, cruelty and seek to transform these into joy and compassion. 

Spleen (Earth)  - Visualize Golden Light/Mist. Associated with worry, anxiety and mistrust and seek to transform these into fairness openness and trust.

Lungs (Metal)  - Visualize Silvery White Light/Mist. Associated with grief, depression and sadness and seek to transform these into courage, confidence and righteousness. 

Kidneys (Water) Chuī - Visualize Deep Blue Light/Mist. Associated with deep fears of the body & mind and seek to transform these with gentle stillness and wisdom.

Liver (Wood)  - Visualize Green Light/Mist. Associated with anger, irritability  and frustration and seek to transform these into kindness, generosity and abundance.

Triple Burner  - Balances the 3 Energy Centers of the Body (Upper, Middle & Lower). Promotes well being and hormonal balance.

I really enjoy this video from Andrea Sullivan.